HR Consultancy and The Princes Trust help Young People Get Hired!

15 October 2015


Gillian Riddell and Melissa Murray from the HR Consultancy delivered a workshop on interview skills to a group of young people currently taking part in The Princes Trust’s Get Hired programme, which is aimed at giving young people the work experience they need to get into entry level roles. This day was part of the Get Into Retail course, which is run in conjunction with local and national businesses who offer young people the opportunity to take part in a 5-6 week work experience programme. If they complete this successfully, they will be given an interview for a permanent position.

The purpose of the HR Consultancy workshop was to provide advice on how to perform well during an interview for an entry level role in retail, and was delivered to a group of young people who are currently undertaking work experience in different departments of Glasgow Marks & Spencers stores. Over the course of the morning, Gillian & Melissa discussed the main issues that the young people were concerned about when it came to interviewing. They spent time going over the best way to answer competency based interview questions, and discussed topics such as how best to present yourself at an interview, the kind of questions that you could ask at the end of an interview, and where to find further information about the company you are interviewing with.

After a short break Gillian and Melissa then undertook a mock interview with each of the young people, asking them a series of questions about their skills and experience, and a few competency based questions. At the end of each mock interview they provided feedback and the chance to ask questions about anything they were worried about when interviewing.

Gillian and Melissa were both really impressed by how well all of the young people did at the mock interviews, especially at the trickier competency based questions! After all the mock interviews they went over some feedback as a group, and answered any last minute questions. 

This is part of our ongoing support for The Princes Trust in Scotland which includes fundraising and supporting young people into employment. 

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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