17 November 2017
Written by Karen Keenan

How did you get in to recruitment? I kind of stumbled across recruitment. I finished school after sixth year and thought I would have more free time to spend at dancing and partying with my friends. However, my mum had... read more

16 November 2017
Written by Mary Palmer

  Photo credit: Jim Marks / BBC  The advertising task is always my absolute favourite on The Apprentice. Watching the hapless hopefuls come up with a TV advert and a billboard display usually results in terrible acting; bad soundtracks or voiceovers; or... read more

The Apprentice Week Seven Review: Advertising
15 November 2017
Written by Hilary Roberts

  Imagine forking out £1,800 a month on a basement studio flat. And that’s just the rent. We’re referring to (what’s known ‘up North’) as “London prices”. Whilst we grumble about our travel, utilities and nights out expenses, it’s probably nowhere... read more

Swapping London for Glasgow
14 November 2017
Written by Chris Milne

  If you are fortunate enough to be fluent in more than one language, there may be a whole host of career opportunities available to you. Whether you can converse in your mother tongue, or have picked up another language whilst... read more

Why Choose Customer Service Over Translation?
13 November 2017
Written by Mary Palmer

What is this GDPR topic that everyone is talking about? How will it affect your business? This is a conversation starter that isn't going away anytime soon. Take a look at our infographic to understand the most important statistics surrounding... read more

GDPR: The Statistics
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